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The Dolores Gonzales Elementary School counseling program supports all students to achieve academic, career, personal and social development through a comprehensive, holistic model. Believing that all children have an infinite potential to learn and grow. The school counseling program aims to help children build skills which promote compassion for self and others, grit to do hard things, tools to do hard things,tools to make meaningful connections and passion to engage in lifelong learning.  In partnership with parents, teachers, administrators and the community, the school counseling program will foster an environment where all student feel they belong, cultivate resiliency, know their unique voices matter, and are prepared to creatively contribute to our world.

School Counseling Program

Contact the Counselor
Dear DGES Community,
I am here to support and be a resource for all Dolores Gonzales students. Any student can request to meet with me or they can be referred by a parent, teacher or administrator. Students can approach me directly, ask their teacher, or leave a note in the counselor's mailbox if they wish to speak with me.

If you are a parent or teacher and would like to talk and/or set up an appointment, I can be reached by phone at (505) 764-2020 ext. 21127 or email at*** You can also fill out a student referral form available in the main office. Thank you for getting in touch! 

***Please note: In the event I am unable to answer the Phone and your referral is an urgent matter, please call the main office at (505) 764-2020.

Be Well, 
Anita Garcia Sanchez
Counseling Services

Classroom Guidance Curriculum

Lessons are preventative, taught to all grades levels, developmentally appropriate, and address academic, personal, social & career growth.  

Small Group Counseling

Using a psychoeducational model, small groups help students reflect on their experiences, recognize they are not alone, and enhance relationship, intrapersonal, learning & behavioral skills.  Parents are notified when their child is selected to participate.

Individual Counseling

When appropriate, the school counselor meets with individual students on a short-term basis.  These sessions can be for planning academically or of a personal/social nature.       

School-Based Consultation & System Support

Community Resource Referrals

Confidentiality & Informed Consent

All APS School Counselors are required to follow the Ethical Standards for School Counselors.  The school counselor respects confidential information received from students, the family, guardians, and staff members, with some exceptions.  

Those exceptions are when: 1)there is any suspicion of child abuse or neglect; 2)where a student poses a serious threat to themselves or others; and/or 3)where legal requirements demand a release of information.